The goal of all design in digital is the experience. Yet design and software development are suffering from fragmentation by discipline and workflow. The resulting products and services lack cohesion, let alone inspiration, and violate basic design ethics.

    Attempts to instill cohesion through design systems, top-down instructions and to control by central function are failing. And how couldn’t they, for quality in design through experiences can not be dictated. It must be owned and committed to by designers, engineers and product managers - the software development triad.

    User researchers, designers and developers in particular need a new way to jointly understand and develop the composite Gestalt of an experience. We need a common culture, based on shared goals, principles and practices as encapsulated in the totality of structure, function and representation, which make the experience.

    At it’s foundation is the front-end development platform. What the user perceives is a composite series of typographic layouts, UI controls and content blocks. It is the front-end expression where we must collaborate and develop the embodiment of the experience, understanding that the origin of possibilities are embedded in the depth of the platform and APIs.

    All user researchers and designers must return to building software by connecting front end decisions with back end possibilities and ethical standards! And developers must become designers, with form giving responsibility, authority and authorship against shared goals. Designers and developers need to act as one in serving the needs of the customers in all their contexts.

    Let us create a new guild of CraftsPeople, free of divisive roles and competing practices and goals. Let us strive for, conceive and create the new experiences of the future uniting disciplines in a commitment to clear values and priorities, and symbolizing a new belief to come. Our vision is to build a new experience based repository of the future that will unify, curate and propagate the work of millions of developers and designers — as an expression of renewed purpose and values in digital culture.